Register for This Free LinkedIn Training Webinar: A New Approach to Developing Customers with LinkedIn and Inbound Marketing featured LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo shows B2B sales and marketing leaders how to open closed doors, find the right prospects and convert engagement into more sales opportunities.

A sneak preview of what you’ll learn during this webinar:

  • How Forrester and many B2B sales and marketing leaders are wrong about how LinkedIn should be used for business
  • Why your current LinkedIn marketing approaches are failing to generate leads and opportunities
  • A new "go-to-customer" process that helps you meet the right people, build trusted relationships, generate more highly-qualified leads and get to revenue faster
  • How to use content to communicate your value at every step of the buyer’s journey (on and off LinkedIn)
  • The inbound marketing tools, systems and processes you must have in place for greater LinkedIn success
  • Case Study: how a leading AV integrator generated more leads than all of their other marketing initiatives combined using our inbound LinkedIn and content marketing strategies

About Our Experts

Kristina Jaramillo – Founder of the LinkedIn marketing services firm is a New York Times recognized social media expert.

Her articles can be found in, Profit Magazine, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine, BusinessInsider,, and RainToday.

Eric Gruber - Chief Content Officer, has adapted 10+ years' of experience managing content promotion programs, for the digital environment.

Professional service firms, tech companies and more use his LinkedIn social content strategies to drive traffic, create connections, conversations and clients and sell their value.

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