Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training:

Turn Your Profile into a Complete Sales & Marketing Tool That Communicates "Business" Value to B2B Buyers

9 out of 10 business leaders and sales and marketing executives' profiles are worthless as sales and marketing tools. Their profiles are merely resumes listing current and past jobs and accomplishments. Their summaries are like cover letters. The business value that B2B buyers are looking for is not being communicated.

During this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why you need to put a stronger focus on your personal profile – and the personal profiles of your leadership, sales and marketing teams
  • Why most LinkedIn profiles are worthless as sales and marketing tools – even social media firms make these mistakes
  • How sales and marketing leaders use "me too" positioning on their profiles that fails to position them as trusted experts
  • How your LinkedIn profile can become the social "bridge" that has buyers wanting to connect, accept your InMail, join your LinkedIn community and enter into a sales conversation
  • How a SEO firm gained $36K after profile makeover, a commercial collections law firm gained a client and 3 new accounts, and much more

About Our Experts

Kristina Jaramillo – Founder of the LinkedIn marketing services firm is a New York Times recognized social media expert.

Her articles can be found in, Profit Magazine, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine, BusinessInsider,, and RainToday.

Eric Gruber - Chief Content Officer, has adapted 10+ years' of experience managing content promotion programs, for the digital environment.

Professional service firms, tech companies and more use his LinkedIn social content strategies to drive traffic, create connections, conversations and clients and sell value.

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