Free Webinar Reveals: How to Build a Dynamic Community and Drive Engagement on LinkedIn

A recent study by Kitedesk found that those sales leaders who are skilled in digital relationship building are 6x more likely to exceed their sales quotas. Join Founder Kristina Jaramillo, Leader Networks CEO Vanessa DiMauro and’s Social Content Marketing Expert Eric Gruber as they show sales and marketing how they should be creating dynamic communities, building relationships and actually engaging with prospects.

During this roundtable discussion, you will discover:

  • What is wrong with most people’s definitions of engagement on LinkedIn
  • How to build a dynamic LinkedIn community – and engage with it throughout the entire B2B customer lifecycle
  • 10 ways to kill your online community (These are the reasons why most LinkedIn communities fail!)
  • 7 social selling ways to drive engagement with prospects on LinkedIn (both inside your LinkedIn community and with those you’re connected to)
  • Real case studies on how b2b software, technology and professional service firm clients are engaging on LinkedIn and driving revenue results

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