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11 Rules for Generating Demand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo shares how to generate demand and develop customer relationships when you have a high priced solution and a complex sales cycle that requires real relationships and multi-touches.

During this webinar, you'll learn how:

  • The most successful B2B organizations are gaining higher quality leads, shorter sales cycles and increased revenue
  • You're better off NOT focusing on reach and taking a "shotgun" approach - even though many top social media consultants suggest this approach (Rule #2)
  • AT&T gained $47 million in 18 months (Rule #6)
  • The “challenger” approach gained a professional services firm 10 new clients, including one worth $120,000+/year (Rule #7)
  • AutoPointe gained 20% more webinar registrations – and LinkedIn gained 10,0000% ROI (Rule #9)
  • A B2B animated video production firm attracted outreach from 17 different firms - including Microsoft, Oracle, Deltek, EMC and SDL (Rule #10)

About Our Experts

Kristina Jaramillo, LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Kristina Jaramillo – Founder of the LinkedIn marketing services firm is a New York Times recognized social media expert.

Her articles can be found in, Profit Magazine, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine, BusinessInsider,, RainToday, and Social Media Examiner.

Eric Gruber, Content Marketing Expert

Eric Gruber - Chief Content Officer, has adapted 10+ years' of experience managing content promotion programs, for the digital environment.

Professional service firms, tech companies and more use his LinkedIn social content strategies to drive traffic, create connections, conversations and clients and sell their value.

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